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Now-Remembered Australians Inc is a group of state care leavers from the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, many of whom were known from Australian Senate Inquiries as the "Forgotten Australians".

The "Forgotten Australians" are the approximately 500,000 Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care during the last century, many of whom relate stories of severe abuse and neglect..

In Australia, children were placed in institutions for many reasons, including being of Aboriginal descent, being orphaned, poverty, family breakdown and parental inability to cope. Some were made wards of the State after being charged with being uncontrollable, neglected or in moral danger, not because they had done anything wrong, but because circumstances made them "status offendors" There were also immigration programs which brought children into the country from far accross the oceans. Many of these children also spent time in Australian children's institutions.

Now-Remembered Australians (NRA) come together to capitalize on our strengths in a positive way,  for mutual support and exchange of information.

NRA Coordinator, Barbara Lane, said "I hope even if we remain 'Forgotten Australians' to the rest of the world, we will now be remembered by one another, and not just as victims of abuse and neglect, but for our strength and mutual support, our humour and spirit, for speaking our truth in the face of all denial, as fighters and survivors, and for what we contribute today to our community and our association despite what happened to us."


NRA President: Barbara Lane

Vice President:  F.P. Stephenson

Secretary: Graham Wilson

Treasurer: John Bigelow  








The Now-Remembered Australians aim to provide a local network for Forgotten Australians in the Northern Rivers area, relief from isolation, mutual support and communication with people from similar backgrounds.





1. To build a grassroots organization based on mutual support and empowerment and capitalizing on the knowledge, skills, talents, abilities and human resources of its individual members.


2. To provide information, referral and support.


3. To promote awareness of those now called Remembered Australians (formerly Forgotten Australians) in the hope of ensuring the types of abuse and neglect suffered by them do not continue.


4. To attend to care-leavers’ issues and needs.



5. To provide a range of self-help therapies including art, music and writing.


6. To assist Forgotten Australians to access services.



7. To facilitate and develop networks advantageous to Now-Remembered Australians.


8. To provide outreach and advocacy to Forgotten Australians in the Northern Rivers area who are in need of help.


9. To co-operate with individuals and organizations which support our aims and objectives.


10. To have an organization of benefit to Forgotten Australians, in which the service users determine the direction the organization takes.


For more information about NRA, write to:


Now-Remembered Australians

PO Box 894


NSW 2480


or email:





18 February 2010


In support of the Now Remembered Australians organization and the

establishment of a “shop front” for providing services to their members

Lismore & District Women’s Health Centre wholeheartedly supports the vision of

the Now Remembered Australians and their objectives for service provision to

their members.

As an NGO a significant part of our service delivery is focused on traumatized

populations of women, for example those who have experienced or are

experiencing Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault. Women who were "Once

forgotten Australians" have used our counseling and other services to access

support for trauma related issues. The extent of the trauma that the “Once

forgotten Australians” have experienced as children is extreme and the negative

impact on their lives seems to be ongoing and extensive.

We believe that the establishment of the organization Now Remembered

Australians in our local area is a break through for this traumatized group of

people. This organization’s intention to create services focused on

empowerment for example through provision of information, referral and ongoing

support to reduce isolation is very likely to increase the health and well being of

Now Remembered Australians.

We also endorse their intention to provide self help therapies, the exploration of

emotional expression and processing through mediums such as art and music

and the growth and inspiration that can come through creativity.

Lismore & District Women’s Health Centre therefore encourages national, state

and local community organizations that can provide Now Remembered

Australians with support and funding.

Yours sincerely,

Karuna Fielden, Manager






Patrons:  Andrew Murray

                    Jack Thompson

12 January 2010


Ms Barbara Lane


Now-Remembered Australians

PO Box 894

Lismore 2480


Dear Barbara,


Thank you for your letter to the Alliance for Forgotten Australians (AFA) about the foundation of the Now-Remembered Australians in the Northern Rivers region on 18 December 2009.


AFA is delighted to see this new group established and providing local support to survivors of childhood out-of-home care. AFA itself, while not a support organisation, is largely made up of representatives of support and service delivery groups, and we recognise the importance and the value of peer support in a community of people who tend to be isolated and to experience hardship because of a number of factors relating to their childhood abuse and neglect.


The timing of this formation is important, as the specific, targeted national projects begin to take shape: a Find and Connect service, priority for Aged Care, an oral history and a national exhibition.  In NSW, the Government's commitment to fund a service for Forgotten Australians is a welcome development. It is to be hoped that consultation will take place with Forgotten Australians during the establishment of these projects.


AFA is happy to offer support to the Now-Remembered Australians in their search for funding to operate effectively. We will do what we can to publicise the group through our website and through word of mouth. We will urge the States and Federal Governments to recognise and support the Now-Remembered Australians. We wish you luck and look forward to learning more about your ongoing activities.




Caroline Carroll







































































Letter from Janelle Saffin MP

To whom it may concern

Regarding the establishment of a ‘shopfront’ for our now Remembered Australians.

I write to give some background regarding my involvement with the Forgotten Australians in my local electorate and my wholehearted support toward the establishment of a ‘shopfront’ for our Northern Rivers care-leavers.

My first connection was earlier last year with Nicolas Kostyn who came to my office with some ideas regarding a ‘shopfront’ here locally in Lismore for our Forgotten Australians, amongst other issues and concerns regarding care-leavers.

I initially had a morning tea at which about ten local Forgotten Australians attended. We put forward their issues including the idea of a ‘shopfront’ to Minister Jenny Macklin.

The Apology was flagged some time later and I had another morning tea – get together – with our people to ask what they would like to see in the Apology and any other thoughts they had, which I in turn made representation on their behalf to the Minister.

In the week leading up to the Federal Government Apology in Canberra my office arranged for some of our care-leavers, who were interested in attending to do so, including asking the NSW State Government Parliamentary Secretary for her help in securing free train travel on Countrylink for the Forgotten Australians.

The day was very emotional and I spoke in Parliament at length as well on our local Forgotten Australians.

Since returning from Canberra both Tina Coutts and Barbara Lane have indicated they would like to continue in an effort for a ‘shopfront’ to provide a local network for Forgotten Australians, relief from isolation and communication with people from similar backgrounds.

The objectives of this ‘shopfront’ being: To provide support, information and referral; promoting the awareness of what we now would like to call Remembered Australians; to attend to care-leaver’s issues and needs; providing a range of self-help therapies including art, music and writing.


Barbara has indeed taken up the cause, due to Tina’s many other commitments, being a full time wildlife carer amongst them.

I have faith in Barbara’s ability to work towards the establishment of this most worthwhile and needed project and I support her in her efforts towards this goal.

I hope the Northern Rivers Community will afford every available support where they are able towards this project.

Yours sincerely

Janelle Saffin MP

Federal Member for Page